Welcome to Horsens Art Museum

Horsens Art Museum is a highly profiled museum of Danish contemporary art.

Among a lot of other things, the museum has the biggest collection of paintings, drawings and graphic works by the famous Danish artist Michael Kvium, who was born and raised in Horsens.

With its location in the beautiful park Lunden (the Grove), Horsens Art Museum is always worth a visit.


Horsens Art Museum

In 1906, The Museum Association of Horsens was founded. The idea was to establish a museum of art and cultural history.

The first museum of Horsens started out with a modest location in Horsens Technical School, but in 1915 the former pilot captain Theodor Løwenstein bequeathed his fortune to the building of a new museum at Sundvej – the building that today is Horsens Museum of Cultural History. The architect was Viggo Norn, who was also the chairman of The Museum Association of Horsens.

In 1984, the Museum of Horsens was split up into Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum of Cultural History, and Horsens Art Museum moved to the pavilion of Horsens Marksman Guild.

Claus Hagedorn-Olsen has been the director of Horsens Art Museum since 1984 and is responsible for the policy framework of the museum.


Horsens Art Museum – building and surroundings

Horsens Art Museum is located in the beautiful park called Lunden (the Grove). The park was founded in 1843 by Horsens Marksman Guild, who also built the pavilion that today houses Horsens Art Museum.

The building has been extended twice:  in 1992, on the initiative of the local newspaper Horsens Folkeblad, and again, in 2006, with financial contribution from the private foundation of Inge and Asker Larsen.

Horsens Art Museum is build as a ‘White Cube’ museum: Light, broadness, simplicity and harmony characterize the architecture.