That which breaths(Det som ånder) by Ida Raselli

Exhibition period Saturday 3 February – Sunday 7 April 2024
That which breaths (det der ånder)  is a solo exhibition by Ida Raselli at Horsens Art Museum. In Ida Raselli’s practice, she searches the country’s forests, ditch edges, marl pits, open slopes, limestone quarries and beaches in her collection of wild clay, stones, branches, seaweed and flowers. The collected materials undergo subsequent processing drying or burning, through which she generates a material bank of carefully selected pieces of nature.

Read more about the exhibition in the essay here.

She works in relation to her own and nature’s cycle when she collects, processes and installs. She follows the changing of the seasons and the body’s signals and is receptive to the disturbances of the outside world, which also form part of her practice as material. The final work in the exhibition stands as the sum of these processes, a reflection of a practice of permeability.

The exhibition is kindly supported by Statens Kunstfond.