Nick Theobald & Emil Westman Hertz

Horsens Art Museum has acquired a number of works by Nick Theobald to the museums collection. The works are now at display together.

Nick Theobald was born in Los Angeles (1986), grew up in Singapore, and has lived in London, Colorado City, and New York. He is a well-established part of New York’s pulsating fashion and art world. On the fashion scene in recent years, he has enga-ged in collaborative ventures with, for example, the designer Francisco Costa. In the summer of 2021, He bought a disused Catholic school in the small town of Palmyra in upstate New York, and has now re-modelled it into a combined studio and home. A change of scene that, in every way, has influenced his artistic practice and provi-ded new inspiration. This transformation is evident in the new works in the exhibition created by Nick Theobald in media such as bronze, photography, and coal on canvas. Nick Theobald is a true aesthetician, and aesthetics always forms the underlying framework for his artistic work, regardless whether we are dealing with sculptures suffused with symbolism, small thought-provoking photos, or abstract paintings. Always based on a characteristic precision and a deep aesthetic appreciation. Nick Theobald is inspired by the various world religions, chiefly Shinto and Buddhism, world images and eras, which goes in tandem with tarot reading, intuition, great diligence, and a dedicated urge to create. In recent years, Nick Theobald has worked intensively with the Shinto religion, Japan’s original religion. Shinto means ‘the path of the gods’ which, with some knowledge of Nick Theobald’s practice, would seem obvious, since the artist uses intuition as a significant part of his artistic work. Daily meditation, tarot reading, and general spiritual balance is an important part of the creative process.

The new works on display: Truce, 2018, Bed of nails, 2018,  Life Line, 2019, Strangers 2023 and Last Light 2020.