Rose Eken – Aftermath


This autumn, Horsens Art Museum will present Rose Eken’s large installation work Aftermath from 2018, which will fill the entire ground floor exhibition space.

Aftermath stages the exhibition hall as an empty space, frozen in the very moment when a concert is over – where the musicians have left the stage and the audience has gone home. All that remains are the safety fences, trampled beer cans, plastic mugs and cigarette butts – all made of ceramic. The scale and proportions of the objects have undergone a change and the work remains as an echo of the energy, rhythm and primordial force that must have previously unfolded among the concert audience. The work is based on Rose Eken’s interest in popular culture and in the universe of rock music. It was a Slayer concert during the Copenhell festival in 2017 that inspired the artist for Aftermath.

The Aftermath installation consists of about 2000 ceramic parts. The work is part of the museum’s collection thanks to Ny Carlsbergfondet.