PhoebeNewYork at Horsens Art Museum

MY PAPER WORLD – PhoebeNewYork at Horsens Art Museum

The exhibition opens Saturday august 21 th 11 am-16pm 

Horsens Art Museum presents a solo exhibition with the New York based artist PhoebeNewYork in august 2021. The exhibition will be the first time that Elizabeth Schoettle, the artist behind PhoebeNewYork will show in Denmark.


Horsens Art Museum presents the story of PhoebeNewYork 2001-2021

The artworks for the exhibition at Horsens Art Museum ranges from Elizabeth Schoettle’s early photographs, drawings, collages on paper and old vintage book covers to Street Art pieces. The artworks were all created in the period 2001-2021, and the street art pieces are all created on the basis of the original collages, which are scanned, processed in Photoshop and printed in varying sizes, and then finally put up in the city using a paste up technique. Horsens Art Museums intention with the exhibition is to share the story of Schoettle’s artistic journey from the stage just before she “found” Phoebe to the present-day identity of Phoebe.

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Fascination for paper

Since 2004, Schoettle has worked on several thousand collages. The collages are created on paper from all over the world; current and vintage fashion magazines, such as Vouge, old book covers and small pieces of fabric and paper, that most people would think of as garbage and waste. For Schoettle, these types of paper have significant artistic potential. All the collages have in common that they are represented by Phoebe – in one way or another. We see her from the front, back and side. We follow her in the streets, at home, when she’s happy, or sad, full of confidence and when she’s insecure. She speaks loudly, and she whispers softly. She points out the injustice of life and she reminds us to be grateful and to face life with our heads held high.


“One of the elements that we at the museum are extremely fascinated by, is that all her artworks are created on and by paper. All the original collages are created in her studio apartment, some of them ends up as paste-up artworks, which she leaves as a long trail through the urban space of the city – starting from the area between Greenwich Village and SoHo. The artwork has over time spread like rings in the water all over southern Manhattan, where the artist works with street art either early in the morning or late at night”, says curator Julie Horne Møller from Horsens Art Museum.


The exhibition is generously supported by Insero Horsens, Familien Hede Nielsens Fond, Konsul George Jorck and Hustru Emma Jorck’s Fond and MÆRK BYEN Horsens.


The artist behind PhoebeNewYork

Elizabeth Schoettle is a New York artist originally from Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. She attened Gettysberg College, Philadelphia University and graduated with honors from Hunger College. She lives and works in New York City.


More information:

Read more about the uocoming show here and here.

For more information contact curator Julie Horne Møller at jhmo@horsens.dk or +45 53382439

Photo: Phoebe New York