Grab – seven large bronze reliefs

The seven large bronze reliefs “Grab I-VII” was in 2009 exhibited at The National Gallery of Denmark, as part of the exhibition “Largo”. Together the artworks at the exhibition formed a composite image of death as a topic. The viewer was greeted by a shovel, a rose, a coffin, a large bell, and the bronze reliefs which all played a part in the collective story and feel of the exhibition.

Since the beginning of the 1980s, Christian Lemmerz has worked with death as a theme in his artworks in various ways. One of the main concerns Christian Lemmerz has is that he wants us neither to forget nor suppress the eminent feeling of death always being all around us. As human beings, we should always be aware of our existence and its final end being death: that we all at some point must be confronted with death. Death should be relevant and present matter to us; something Christian Lemmerz poetically and beautifully but also quite disturbingly communicates through “Grab I-VII”.

The seven reliefs are exhibited on the museum’s facade facing Carolinelundsvej.

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