Salon des Refusés by Tina Maria Nielsen (collection)

Horsens Art Museum presents Tina Maria Nielsen’s large installation Salon des Refuses from 2016 during the month of May 2024. The presentation is part of the museum’s anniversary celebration throughout the year.

The title ‘Salon des Refusés’ (2016) is thematically based on thoughts about the rejected and also refers to the art exhibition in Paris (1863), where the censored art that was rejected by the salon’s jury was exhibited. Thereby, this exhibition became a form of counterculture against the established art scene of the time. The title is also linked to the rejected in a broader sense, both as a psychological mechanism; what the individual rejects purely mentally, which therefore lies latent and simmers beneath the surface. But also the physical space such as the basement, where you place the objects that do not have room for or fit in – the basement is purely symbolically connected to what we perceive as a more dark and gloomy hiding place.

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Tina Maria Nielsen
Salon des refusés. 2016
Bronze, ostrich egg, silver, plaster, metal. Variable measures
Gift on 6 October 2016 from Ny Carlsbergfondet
Inventory number: 1396
Exhibition period: Saturday 11 May – Sunday 11 August 2024.