Exhibition periode January 20 th – June 9 th 2024. 

Welcome to a different presentation of part of Horsens Art Museum’s collections.
On the occasion of 17 November 2024 being 40 years since Horsens Museum’s art department became Horsens Art Museum, and was housed in the newly restored Pavillon Lunden, Horsens Art Museum is marking the 40th anniversary throughout the year.

What more natural for every anniversary than to look back in time to see how it all looked in the beginning? Therefore, Horsens Art Museum presents the part of the museum’s collection that already existed before 1984. We do this with a traditional gallery display with paintings from floor to ceiling, as well as sculptures that are presented as they are normally stored in the museum’s magazines when they are not on display.

However, it should be noted that for practical reasons we have had to disregard the collection of works on paper, which in 1984 consisted of over 600 works, primarily works by Mogens Zieler.

The attentive visitor will also notice that some works are missing. Some have been deposited in public institutions and unfortunately few have gone to or simply disappeared. People were not as careful about preservation and registration then as we are today.

Artists such as Mogens Zieler, Hans Smidth, Jais Nielsen, Christine Swane, Fritz Syberg, jens Søndergaard, Peter Holm, Constantin Hansen, Grete Balle, Ebba Carstensen, C. W. Eckersberg and P. C. Skovgaard can be mentioned here.