Michael Kvium

In autumn 2023, Horsens Art Museum presents a new collection exhibition with Michael Kvium. Here it will be possible to experience some of the collection’s absolute masterpieces, such as Self-portrait from 1985 and Gudskrigslist from 1992. The hanging is presented in the museum’s largest exhibition hall.

Michael Kvium (born 1955) has distinguished himself over the past 30 years as one of Denmark’s most important visual artists. In his figurative and narrative picture universe, he goes into the corners of our culture and stages the gloomy and macabre, the moral and bodily decay. He takes his point of departure from the world we live in and from the dark sides of our existence. The production is uncompromising and is often experienced by the viewer as both fascinating and repulsive.

Michael Kvium was born and raised in Horsens, where he worked as a cartoonist at Horsens Folkeblad in the years 1973-79. He was subsequently educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the years 1979-85.
Horsens Art Museum has followed and supported Michael Kvium’s artistic career since his breakthrough in the mid-1980s. The museum today has the country’s largest collection of Kvium’s works, which spans painting, drawing, graphics and sculpture created in the years 1985-2014. The collection offers the opportunity to follow Michael Kvium’s artistic development from the taboo everyday scenes of the 1980s to today’s more mature and nuanced picture universe.