From the collection

From the collection 

The exhibition is open until sunday august 23 th 2020 (first floor)

This year’s summer exhibition is a mix between single presentations by a number of the collection’s artists and group hangings. Here you can experience works by Erik A. Frandsen, Peter Bonde, Troels Wörsel, Nina Sten-Knudsen, Tove Storch, Camilla Thorup, Tina Maria Kofoed, Anne Marie Ploug, Cathrine Raben Davidsen, Michael Kvium, Rose Eken, Gudrun Hasle , Ib Brasse, Tina Maria Nielsen and Lars Nørgård.

In addition, it is possible to experience a suspension of a number of the museum’s recent acquisitions, which are presented as a group suspension with the common ground that they have been acquired into the collection within the last five years. Here it is possible to experience works by the artists: Emil Westman Hertz, Nick Theobald, Christian Lemmerz, Lea Guldditte Hestelund, Christine Overvad Hansen and Nanna Abell.


Soaked Vanitas. 2019

‘Soaked Vanitas’ from 2019 by Nick Theobald




Selfportrait, 1985. Michael kvium

Michael Kvium from the collection

The exhibition is open until sunday august 30 th 2020 (first floor)

Michael Kvium is a Danish artist born in Horsens in 1955. Kvium’s works are seeking the corners of our culture and staging the gloomy and macabre, the moral and physical decay. His visual universe deals with the world that we live in and the dark aspects of our existence. His approach is uncompromising, for which reason his works often awake both fascination and disgust.

On display is a large number of works made by Michael Kvium in the periode from 1984 – 2002.

Painting without title no. 12, 1990. Michael Kvium